Ava Max - Freaking Me Out [Official Music Video]


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  • Amethyst Gacha
    Amethyst Gacha6 godzin temu

    She l Looks good in white it complements her hair

  • Spider Heart
    Spider Heart8 godzin temu

    My new favourite song 😍

  • RysaRm ASMR
    RysaRm ASMR13 godzin temu

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaa so lovely avaaaaa 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • THE- X-GuY
    THE- X-GuY15 godzin temu

    another star

  • Cynthia's Wereld
    Cynthia's Wereld16 godzin temu

    Your are a beaty

  • คนน่า รัก
    คนน่า รัก20 godzin temu


  • Gamerfox 9017
    Gamerfox 901720 godzin temu

    Wait this was published on halloween

  • David Antonucci
    David Antonucci21 godzinę temu

    Is it wrong to say that this song is giving me wood ? Lol

  • texzii -_-
    texzii -_-22 godzin temu

    Your the best i wish you was my sister but im the only girl you rock

  • kaha uchiha
    kaha uchiha23 godzin temu

    She put a message out about selling her soul people don't get it 😂

  • Anita Febri
    Anita Febri23 godzin temu

    a great song like this needs more attention

    MARIAM KADERDzień temu


  • Heilum
    HeilumDzień temu

    Whose Love Ava Max As Soon As She Made Her First Song

  • Sorea
    SoreaDzień temu

    It's ilke : a woman in amesia

  • Барбара Николовска
    Барбара НиколовскаDzień temu


  • pmadigan2012
    pmadigan2012Dzień temu

    A very reptive

  • Germonatta
    GermonattaDzień temu

    Her image at the first glance, I thought Harley Quinn.

  • Rosebert Discipulo
    Rosebert DiscipuloDzień temu

    Berta's Hit Chart 12/14/2019 Top 8 Last: 9 Peak: 8

  • malynnsanz
    malynnsanzDzień temu

    wow ava max😇

  • Álvaro Silva
    Álvaro SilvaDzień temu

    She is so sexy

  • mlvn y
    mlvn yDzień temu

    Ava : scary but it's beautiful Me : yup

  • Icha Oktaviana
    Icha OktavianaDzień temu

    siapa indonesia?? Btw di menit 2:31 kaya ada lagu lagu nissa sabyan ya??

  • Guadalupe Francisco
    Guadalupe FranciscoDzień temu


  • #Dream# avakin
    #Dream# avakin2 dni temu

    OMG trop Nice t ma nouvelle idole

  • Valadares JV
    Valadares JV2 dni temu


  • Tayfur Toprak
    Tayfur Toprak2 dni temu

    Herr- -J-Lee-Obama-Papa..!!!

  • po kl
    po kl2 dni temu


  • erika Tsoum.
    erika Tsoum.3 dni temu

    I used to think of someone while listening to this song but not anymore

  • Soma Atokpa

    Soma Atokpa

    11 godzin temu

    wait why?:'(

  • Stefanie Stueckl
    Stefanie Stueckl3 dni temu

    I Love Music💋❤

  • Krypt. One
    Krypt. One3 dni temu

    Lady gaga??

  • Grant Goette
    Grant Goette3 dni temu

    “nice”call mwa.

  • Hyper Waffle
    Hyper Waffle3 dni temu

    I was lying around and heard this song played on tv but I didn't watch it. At first I thought like it sounds familiar to me and realise it sounds like Waste It On Me - BTS ft. Steve Aoki (no copyright intention but yeah it just sounds a bit similar to me) (just the beat only)

  • Gabi KV
    Gabi KV4 dni temu


  • _{Gacha Sea}_
    _{Gacha Sea}_4 dni temu

    I LoVe YoU 😍

  • Delaney Burrows
    Delaney Burrows4 dni temu


    ISABELLE LANOE4 dni temu

    I love Ava max 🔥❤🔥

  • Rafael & Gibran
    Rafael & Gibran4 dni temu

    sexy same like yamaha x-max 😅

  • Rosebert Discipulo
    Rosebert Discipulo4 dni temu

    Berta's Hit Chart 12/11/2019 Top 9 Last: 9 Peak: 9

  • KoPlayZ Official

    KoPlayZ Official

    Dzień temu


  • Kiné Bras Creux
    Kiné Bras Creux4 dni temu

    i really love this song

  • Remason Wahyudi
    Remason Wahyudi4 dni temu

    Don know which one i love most, the song or the singer lmao

  • Charlie V
    Charlie V4 dni temu

    This songs sounds like something but idk what

  • robin villarubia
    robin villarubia4 dni temu

    Lady Gaga - long hair Sia - short hair Ava Max - shong hair

  • Farrel Adityo Wicaksono
    Farrel Adityo Wicaksono4 dni temu

    Few days ago, i heard this song on the radio. Then i browse it and bam! I found you.

  • Majo Gacha :3
    Majo Gacha :35 dni temu

    me encanta

  • Shelia Cat
    Shelia Cat5 dni temu


  • Breno Correia
    Breno Correia5 dni temu

    The chorus reminds me of "No Regrets" from Krewella... incredible song, Ava

  • Tio Tana
    Tio Tana5 dni temu

    From indonesian💞❤

  • Nicole Mikaelyan
    Nicole Mikaelyan5 dni temu

    just another song I'm gonna fall in love with

  • chill it's just Me
    chill it's just Me5 dni temu

    My number idol❤

  • Ilaha Badalova
    Ilaha Badalova5 dni temu


  • cup of gossip
    cup of gossip5 dni temu

    lady gaga's better version

  • Amelie Does Stuff
    Amelie Does Stuff5 dni temu

    She is freaking me out because she is torn but so am i

  • Tanakorn Ditsaranont
    Tanakorn Ditsaranont5 dni temu


  • Madison Lemon
    Madison Lemon6 dni temu

    So much so that it’s freaking me out!

  • Joel Mutanda
    Joel Mutanda6 dni temu

    I love marina ms comment

  • Cooki 2.0
    Cooki 2.06 dni temu


  • Daichi Lynne
    Daichi Lynne6 dni temu

    I love Ü

    NAT-LIA ASS6 dni temu

    What a nice song

  • quoc nguyen
    quoc nguyen6 dni temu

    Chị giống nữ hoàng trắng trong phim kia nhỉ?

  • Hiago Andrade
    Hiago Andrade7 dni temu