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  • Oliwia Gucik
    Oliwia Gucik5 minut temu

    Oooooo ja jaka supcio😉

  • Schäfer
    Schäfer6 minut temu

    Shot through the heart And you're to blame Darling you give love A bad name Please tell me im not the only one who noticed the melody litterally got copied.

  • ragefighetr T
    ragefighetr T10 minut temu

    Oh man!😲 This song is just 🤯🤩

  • HxppySxull
    HxppySxull16 minut temu

    I actually suprised since she perform better than other artist when on a live show and on MV. I'm shocked how like theres no auto-tune in her song. I love all of it. Thank you for being here with us Ava.

  • _cichociemny__
    _cichociemny__33 minut temu

    Nice plagiarism of the Bon Jovi song - You Give Love A Bad Name

  • Aubrey Shanley
    Aubrey Shanley41 minuta temu

    có thế mà làm vẫn kém thôi vẫn LIke ủng hộ

  • KingeVishesh
    KingeVishesh42 minut temu


  • zara okafor
    zara okaforGodzinę temu

    this music is amazing real king and queens need to listen to this song

  • Serusia Tofusia
    Serusia TofusiaGodzinę temu


  • Gwen M
    Gwen MGodzinę temu

    I love Ava she’s my favorite singer a wrote a paper in school bout her

  • D LG
    D LGGodzinę temu

    It’s so messy

  • Fabian R.
    Fabian R.Godzinę temu

    I high key love this so much. This has the inevitable metal cover build into its very soul.

  • Alexander Mumtaz
    Alexander MumtazGodzinę temu

    Omg that parrot in the last moments of song. 😄😄❣️❣️

  • Anette Steller
    Anette Steller2 godzin temu

    Wow its perfekt I cant speak englisch but I LOVE this song 🎤

  • ꧁Jess꧂
    ꧁Jess꧂2 godzin temu

    I came from a TikTok advert

  • Katinah Tina
    Katinah Tina2 godzin temu

    i love it.

  • Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez2 godzin temu

    this song is a copy of wisdom - live forevermore

  • Jackie Florendo
    Jackie Florendo2 godzin temu

    Its like if sia and ladygaga made a baby it would be her.

  • M Browny
    M Browny2 godzin temu

    The same intro as in Bon Jovi's 😒 pllist.info/wideo/gKiOfYiBlrGotoI

    MAX EDGH2 godzin temu

    Oh my god

  • Elizabeth Ong
    Elizabeth Ong2 godzin temu

    I love this song it's my favourite song now yassssss

  • Fatima Mutahar
    Fatima Mutahar2 godzin temu

    Who else getting Lady gaga vibe in here?!

  • Adam K LIFE
    Adam K LIFE3 godzin temu

    I like bon jovi 🎶👏

  • AA K
    AA K3 godzin temu

    I thought Lady Gaga.......

  • joni kejani
    joni kejani3 godzin temu


  • Engelbert Baldwin
    Engelbert Baldwin3 godzin temu

    Like cho sư cố gắng tốt nhất nên làm lại

  • zack2649
    zack26493 godzin temu

    A new recruitment by illuminati I guess hahaha Next lady gaga

  • A S
    A S3 godzin temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a>

  • A S
    A S3 godzin temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="42">0:42</a>

  • A S
    A S3 godzin temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a>

  • Gnunha Eniek
    Gnunha Eniek3 godzin temu

    "And you might think I'm weak without a sword, but if I had one it'd be bigger than yours" As a trans girl, I can confirm this

  • Tea Pokrajac
    Tea Pokrajac3 godzin temu

    I love this song!!!I Love you Ava Max!!!Love from Serbia.

  • Klara Martinko
    Klara Martinko4 godzin temu


  • DiscoThunder Fuzzybear
    DiscoThunder Fuzzybear4 godzin temu


  • Jennifer Alinski
    Jennifer Alinski4 godzin temu

    After this pandemic we would pop champagne and raise a toast 😂 Agree Avatars??

  • TheALBox
    TheALBox4 godzin temu

    It has a nostalgic feel to it. Like something you've heard before but revamped

  • jonathanpeterlee
    jonathanpeterlee4 godzin temu

    “If you were a woman, and I were a man” Bonnie Tyler

  • AdmiralTot Darryl
    AdmiralTot Darryl4 godzin temu

    chỉnh sửa lại video đi kakakakakak

  • 3 as1
    3 as14 godzin temu

    At first I thought it was sia...

  • Moon Sky
    Moon Sky5 godzin temu

    i love her hair style

  • jonaz gt
    jonaz gt5 godzin temu

    Reminds me of Ankie Baggers where were you last night can someone agree???

  • Priit Saluveer

    Priit Saluveer

    5 godzin temu


  • Ján Koller
    Ján Koller5 godzin temu

    26 million views of the video. Big congratulations.

  • Kele Davidson
    Kele Davidson6 godzin temu

    Close ur legs dear 🤘🤘🤘

  • Johannes Sniegocki
    Johannes Sniegocki6 godzin temu

    Great song, but tbh she really doesn't know much 'bout chess. Lol

  • yume
    yume6 godzin temu


  • zita Sigli
    zita Sigli6 godzin temu

    Soooooo cooolllll

  • apcchart
    apcchart7 godzin temu

    EURO 200 week 23 - 2020 : #32 (up from #62) : www.euro200.net/EURO-200.htm

  • AlphaWolfHunter
    AlphaWolfHunter7 godzin temu

    All her music deserves so much love, I really like all her music and people just need to give her music a chance 🥺💖💖💕💞💕💖

  • James Hamaker
    James Hamaker7 godzin temu

    I really like the beat, it's thumping and I'm listening to this, at a normal level...for speakers. I have head phones, on. 😆

  • Trine Petersen
    Trine Petersen8 godzin temu

    Girls are better then boys.

  • 안은별
    안은별9 godzin temu


  • Trendster buzz
    Trendster buzz9 godzin temu

    I wish Ava max and lady gaga have a Collab soon 👌😍😍

  • Bernice Phillips

    Bernice Phillips

    9 godzin temu

    Me too and remember follow the kings and queens on the thorn we will pop champagne and raise a toast

  • stav fireshtein
    stav fireshtein10 godzin temu

    I really am like the vibes of this and “so am I”

    IVO BIOČIĆ10 godzin temu

    A lave dis song si MC ❤️💗💞🎊🎉💋😍

  • Easton Boo
    Easton Boo10 godzin temu

    Thề luôn coi clip của a Sang chỉ có ngồi nuốt nước miếng Like ủng hộ anh

  • Janna mei lacar
    Janna mei lacar11 godzin temu

    I feel like i just time travel from 90's♥️

  • Rick Bilek
    Rick Bilek11 godzin temu

    The parrot tho ima just dance if nobody minds (‘>

  • Flame Lover
    Flame Lover12 godzin temu

    Hi from Germany i love this Song and Ava OMG !!!!

  • Maria Heloisa
    Maria Heloisa12 godzin temu

    lady gaga hehheeh.

  • Clint Sevilla
    Clint Sevilla12 godzin temu

    Some producer was like: “There can be more than one Lady Gaga.”

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson12 godzin temu

    The start made me think it was a 90s aqua song

  • DoubleJuriy
    DoubleJuriy13 godzin temu

    buy yourself a dress!!! Stop spreading your legs and hanging around in underwear!!!

  • 후니싸커
    후니싸커13 godzin temu

    이 노래 되게 좋네👌

  • Plippy :p
    Plippy :p14 godzin temu

    mother monster's children

  • Emilie
    Emilie14 godzin temu

    Giving me ILONA vibes

  • Feelthatpower 098
    Feelthatpower 09814 godzin temu

    Just heard it on the radio and I gotta say I'm really impressed with Ava Max putting out so many good songs. She has really potential to become a really good artist and I hope the best for her.

  • Kawaii Sakura
    Kawaii Sakura14 godzin temu

    Love the blue hair. Looks angelic.

  • Stephen Addenbrooke
    Stephen Addenbrooke15 godzin temu

    ava max is brill what a darling. X

  • Smyle
    Smyle15 godzin temu

    I hate this song. Only came here to leave a dislike

  • Patrick Mcneely
    Patrick Mcneely15 godzin temu

    Any one notice how this sounds like the onett map from super smash bros melee?

  • 3x3cu5ion3r YT
    3x3cu5ion3r YT15 godzin temu

    Omg ava 1 year and your music is very high level

  • Ana Rakitić
    Ana Rakitić15 godzin temu

    But why are you copy Lady Gaga?!

  • Крембл Крэмбл
    Крембл Крэмбл15 godzin temu

    God musik

  • Anamar Forever
    Anamar Forever16 godzin temu

    I'll show you how a real queen behaves 👑

  • Valerie ZepedaPastor
    Valerie ZepedaPastor16 godzin temu


  • Ella Lodge
    Ella Lodge16 godzin temu

    Love you soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • guzman terry
    guzman terry16 godzin temu

    Hôm nào có Diệp mình lên giao lưu với sang đc ko chỉnh sửa lại video đi

  • Marielle Beauclair
    Marielle Beauclair17 godzin temu

    #girlpower!!! Women/girls can be strong too!

  • Depp Bocky
    Depp Bocky17 godzin temu

    I Love you Ava Max

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James17 godzin temu

    I love her and I love her song