Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video)


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  • Mr. Fooox
    Mr. Fooox13 godzin temu

    Dua Lipa ❤️❤️

  • evelyn vitória
    evelyn vitória13 godzin temu


  • sarah hellen
    sarah hellen14 godzin temu

    Dua Lipa - Like Camila Cabello - comment

  • biancascassa Scassa Lisa
    biancascassa Scassa Lisa14 godzin temu

    The best part is from 0.00 to 3.01

  • Luca Qwerty
    Luca Qwerty14 godzin temu

    Can I have the bassline?

  • Luca Qwerty

    Luca Qwerty

    14 godzin temu


  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel14 godzin temu

    Que delícia de música,eu Me solto todinho ouvindo ela 😂😍😍

  • Veronica Dominguez
    Veronica Dominguez14 godzin temu

    Like si amas a tu familia Like si sacaste esta canción por los polinesios

  • сара
    сара15 godzin temu

    tiktok fam where you at

  • Doctor Garbonzo
    Doctor Garbonzo15 godzin temu

    Shes the real Deal, So deserving of best new Artist 2018

  • Nisa Arslantürk
    Nisa Arslantürk15 godzin temu

    She has got impressive voice

    ELISA CARRASCO15 godzin temu


  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel16 godzin temu

    there's only one problem with this song ... i can't stop listening 😍😩

  • fervermen1
    fervermen116 godzin temu

    tipycal song in the zara

  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover16 godzin temu

    🎵 Dancing with somebody 🎵 Me: more like dancing with nobody cause I don't have friends 😂😢

  • Markos Vinycius
    Markos Vinycius16 godzin temu


  • WeARE100people
    WeARE100people16 godzin temu


  • Pistol John
    Pistol John16 godzin temu

    That could be "Sex education's" intro song .

  • Alexandra Istudor
    Alexandra Istudor16 godzin temu


  • E
    E16 godzin temu


  • Besa Bessa
    Besa Bessa17 godzin temu

    Super video! Very good😻

  • CrazyAnimating Series
    CrazyAnimating Series17 godzin temu


  • Camilo Fuentealba
    Camilo Fuentealba17 godzin temu


  • Leticia Zulian
    Leticia Zulian17 godzin temu

    Cadê o povo do tik teco aí

  • Cvita Šuta
    Cvita Šuta17 godzin temu


  • Thais Oliveira
    Thais Oliveira18 godzin temu

    Ícone ♥️🇧🇷

  • Susan Grimshaw
    Susan Grimshaw18 godzin temu

    Ere ex boyfriend these words are for you..Lofl..xx

  • Alex Jordan
    Alex Jordan18 godzin temu

    1:06 tik tok people :)

  • 띰푸ˇ
    띰푸ˇ18 godzin temu

    Oh, I love this song and video💖

  • ABhi ABhishek
    ABhi ABhishek19 godzin temu

    Awwwwww 🤩 she's a super model 🔥

  • itsmaiaprado
    itsmaiaprado20 godzin temu

    Okay, now my beat Queen is Dua ♥️

  • ᏒᏦ
    ᏒᏦ20 godzin temu

    What the heck!! This song didn't added in Spotify, But there are mentioned link in description What the heal is going on?

  • sarah hellen

    sarah hellen

    18 godzin temu

    Search Dua Lipa and you can find it

  • •m e i r a l •
    •m e i r a l •23 godzin temu

    I wish if Dua Lipa And Billie Eilish collabed! 😔❤👌

  • PiZ Raven
    PiZ Raven23 godzin temu

    noone: the clones in rots:

  • Savio Balaputradewa
    Savio Balaputradewa23 godzin temu

    PLlist rewind 2019 brought me here

  • Рза Касумов
    Рза КасумовDzień temu

    Я из России и мне Dua Lipa очень очень сильно нравится

  • Franck You
    Franck YouDzień temu

    can't believe this was snobed at the grammy's

  • Instrumental Studios
    Instrumental StudiosDzień temu

    This is a song produced for shopping centers, radio stations and normal everyday modern citizens. 😄😄😄

  • Is that Aaron?
    Is that Aaron?Dzień temu

    Forever 21’s music be like

  • Cry Baby
    Cry BabyDzień temu

    who came from Tik tok? (I came from Caleb Finn)

  • I D
    I DDzień temu

    Hey - start right now !!! Do not caring about me now - I'm fine!

  • Mxeyyy Mxeyy
    Mxeyyy MxeyyDzień temu

    Tiktok guy🙋

  • Zaybuhr
    ZaybuhrDzień temu

    Up until seeing this video I thought it was sung by a guy for some reason lol

  • Maha Khan
    Maha KhanDzień temu

    0:14 looks like Rihanna so much.

  • - anzi
    - anziDzień temu

    i swear they played this song in youtube rewind 2019, didn’t they ??

  • hyperica
    hypericaDzień temu

    director: so what would be the title be? dua lipa: don't start now director: yes

  • Valentin BALBINOT
    Valentin BALBINOTDzień temu

    I'm just here for the catchy bass on the background. Am I the only one who feel a (small) touch of Jamiroquai with that bass ?

  • Lacramioara Claudia
    Lacramioara ClaudiaDzień temu


  • Camilo Betancourt
    Camilo BetancourtDzień temu

    I love her

  • David De Anda
    David De AndaDzień temu

    That bass line took me to the subconscious

  • David De Anda
    David De AndaDzień temu

    That bass line took me to the subconscious

  • David De Anda
    David De AndaDzień temu

    That bass line took me to the subconscious

  • Susie Ballard
    Susie BallardDzień temu

    Great skating song

  • Nahue555
    Nahue555Dzień temu

    Un like por este comentario que está en español y no en Inglés, chino, portugués o takataka. Y un like por le perfecta Dua lipa. Y un like por tener una casa y donde vivir. Y un like por wifi o datos para ver mi comentario. Bueno ya basta de pedir tantos likes que parezco pelotudo ahh y un like más por tener buena salud.

  • Michelle Roybal
    Michelle RoybalDzień temu

    Shes wearing the bafomit alphfit

  • Living with Perks
    Living with PerksDzień temu

    I wanna see the no budget remake of this.

  • arthur
    arthurDzień temu

    musica do bbb 2020

  • MR GT Modern Retro Gaming Tech
    MR GT Modern Retro Gaming TechDzień temu

    The Mid-2000s and Early 2010 is BACK! THANK YOU! Dua Lipa! Woo!!!

  • Shanti Neel
    Shanti NeelDzień temu

    0:13 rihanna is that you?

  • Ludi et Historia
    Ludi et HistoriaDzień temu

    I feel like they specifically make these songs for the big shopping malls xD

  • Celeste McDermott
    Celeste McDermottDzień temu

    everyone listen to Jude'sGuitarCovers he's a legend