GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V


GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V
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  • Junior's shoebill
    Junior's shoebill2 minut temu

    Please vote for JB on idol champ.. The voting will end today at 18pm kst, the gap is so small, please vote..

  • Merengues Yourself
    Merengues Yourself2 minut temu

    #WeLoveYouJaebum. Recupérate pronto, Ahgase te ama mucho y yo también. Pd: Me siento estúpido porque sé que nunca vas a leer esto ja, pero siento que debo hacerlo. Dile a Yugyeom que lo amo muchísimo, a los 7 en realidad. CUÍDATE TE AMO.

  • Merengues Yourself
    Merengues Yourself6 minut temu

    #WeLoveYouJaebum. Espero que ahora estés mejor, te amo mucho, no te imaginas cuanto. Por favor no te hagas daño, eso es algo muy erróneo y no quiero que pases todo lo que pueda conllevar eso :(. No quiero que esa luz en ti se apague, no quiero dejar de oír tu voz y ver tu sonrisa. No quiero perder a otro ídolo. Te amo, bubu.

  • 아갓츄브로
    아갓츄브로7 minut temu

    일단은 5500만부터 만들어요. Keep spinning.

  • bachit bachit
    bachit bachit8 minut temu

    Eight five nine

  • peppigyeom iGot7
    peppigyeom iGot721 minuta temu

    Hope that 2020 will make everyone happier and healthier even for our precious boys green heart emoji

  • Igot7 are JB's best friends

    Igot7 are JB's best friends

    17 minut temu

    I pray for that

  • Keili Carolina Perales Gonzalez
    Keili Carolina Perales Gonzalez21 minuta temu

    muchas bendiciones para cada uno de ellos son excelente desde mi pais venezuela un fuerte abrazo y que sigan los exitos

  • reikodark6006
    reikodark600625 minut temu

    Almost there 55M!!

  • kpopper ;-;
    kpopper ;-;26 minut temu

    jb lindo morri

  • OUOI Freedom
    OUOI Freedom26 minut temu

    เราจะไม่ปล่อยมือเด็กๆ เราจะสู้ไปด้วยกันตลอดไป ไม่ว่าอะไรเกิดขึ้น

  • kpopper ;-;
    kpopper ;-;27 minut temu


  • Юлия Исаева
    Юлия Исаева28 minut temu

    Guys, next year will be 7th year of GOT7. Please, let's make at least 70 mln before next year? As a present for them 🙏

  • was was
    was was29 minut temu


  • Unknown 14794
    Unknown 1479429 minut temu

    Fifty five million , here we come !! Let’s fly over there AHGASES!! hahahahaha

  • OJM
    OJM33 minut temu

    54.856 Almost 55!! Keep str3m1ng Ahgases! 55 is near!!! Don't forget to vote for Got7. Fighting! Green heart!!

  • Ba Chit
    Ba Chit34 minut temu

    Eight five six

  • dadaaa is love
    dadaaa is love36 minut temu

    อากาเซ่ สู้ๆทุกวันอย่ายอมแพ้อะไรง่ายๆ ถ้าท้อให้นึกถึงใบหน้าทั้ง7คนและสายตาทั้ง14คู่ของพวกเขาไว้ บอกกับพวกเขาว่าเราจะทำเพื่อเธอ#Got7

  • Igot7 are JB's best friends
    Igot7 are JB's best friends38 minut temu

    I just thought if they sang a ballad version of ycmn. It will be emotional

  • anishka barran
    anishka barran39 minut temu

    their best song hands down

  • hard carry
    hard carry42 minut temu

    Who else believe that this song deserves more spin?

  • hard carry
    hard carry42 minut temu

    So what do you say guys 60 m*il before end of year??

  • Unknown 14794

    Unknown 14794

    28 minut temu

    Yes ! We can do it

  • G F
    G F44 minut temu


  • shrimpnyoung
    shrimpnyoung48 minut temu

    GOT7 combines a sexy concept with a classy one, that's why it's winning!

  • Igot7 are JB's best friends

    Igot7 are JB's best friends

    39 minut temu

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Adrita Tasnim
    Adrita Tasnim48 minut temu

    I come here whenever I get time to get my eyes & ears blessed. Once you start listening to it, you can't stop at all.

  • Unknown 14794

    Unknown 14794

    41 minuta temu

    Totally agreed with you ! Can’t just listen to it once

  • shrimpnyoung
    shrimpnyoung50 minut temu

    55, almost there ahgase!

  • Maysoe htet
    Maysoe htet55 minut temu

    Eight five two

  • Summer Marie
    Summer Marie55 minut temu

    Hi ahgases! If you haven’t you should check out the studio choom videos while spinning this m/v and please spread the word of our go*l so that we can get got7 there because they deserve it thank you

  • Igot7 are JB's best friends
    Igot7 are JB's best friendsGodzinę temu

    What is your Got7 favorite moments/ events of 2019 ???

  • Igot7 are JB's best friends

    Igot7 are JB's best friends

    57 minut temu

    Mine 1- 5th fan meeting in January: it was funny, meanful...

  • May Watone
    May WatoneGodzinę temu

    Eight five one

  • Phonyshop Thebest
    Phonyshop ThebestGodzinę temu

    Got7​ So good

  • Unknown 14794
    Unknown 14794Godzinę temu

    Let’s spin more together

  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rksGodzinę temu


  • Amina A
    Amina AGodzinę temu

    100M guys come on

  • Maria B
    Maria BGodzinę temu

    I'm new to this fandom and omg you guys are amazing !

  • Joy ahgase

    Joy ahgase

    22 minut temu

    Welcome 😊

  • Unknown 14794

    Unknown 14794

    Godzinę temu

    Welcome to our nest !!!!

  • ariadna Quezada
    ariadna QuezadaGodzinę temu

    JB looks great i love you JB

  • Junior's shoebill
    Junior's shoebillGodzinę temu


  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rksGodzinę temu


  • Junior's shoebill
    Junior's shoebillGodzinę temu


  • check out GOT7
    check out GOT7Godzinę temu


  • nini
    niniGodzinę temu

    please enjoy every comeback while all members can make it because missing members really make things very different :)