Major Lazer - Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) (Official Music Video)


Major Lazer - Run Up (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) (Official Music Video)
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Listen to Can’t Take It From Me:
They thought that you was a shy girl
Until I made you my girl
Girl you pushed me like a big button
Til I cuffed you like you did something
You aint got to wait for it
You aint got to wait for me to give you my love
You aint got to wait for it
Things are getting sticky
Girl I think that I'm stuck
I'll admit I'm wrong when
I know that you gon' come for me
Never gonna not not hit that
Your lovin is drugs to me
And everytime you hit my phone
When you say you need company
Ohh imma run up on you
Imma run up on you
8x imma run up on you
Girl you're used to being quiet
Until I brought that loud
You say your dollars is a mountain
And your momma your accountant
You watch your figure
Cause you're a big deal
Got your fresh prince
And a big whip
Polo mink coat that's a big kill
Put you on a phone
Like a windshield
I'll admit I'm wrong when
I know that you gon' come for me
Never gonna not not hit that
Your lovin is drugs to me
And everytime you hit my phone
When you say you need company
Ohh imma run up on you
Imma run up on you
Imma run up on you
Major keys im the boss
Dont griselda go off
Left from the loft and
Went to bergdorf
Most of these dudes is really quite soft
45 special this is my cloth
Bout to drop a album this is my fourth
I don't put sugar in my spaghetti sauce
Drop a freestyle and get these hoes parched
Fire burn the obea man church
Pretty girls, where my girls get right
Cause it's another day, let ya light shine bright
Aint none of them in your lane
True mi have di game pon lock, dem wah code
Just link wit some hot gyal out ah road
True mi have di waist small, pretty, bus whine
Rolex nah deh pon uno dutty gyal time?
Yo, I told em pull up on me faster than danica
Thats on the low I'm tryna blow him like harmonicas
He call me queen he know nicki is the moniker.
He want a mix between hillary and monica
I switch it up I switch it up rip the beat then I I stitch it up.
Travel then I bounce I ball sinead sir
Barbie a link up major lazer.
Ohh imma run up on you
Imma run up on you
Imma run up on you
Directors: Paul, Luc & Martin
Producers : Matt Jacoby, Gary Farkas @ PHANTASM
Creative Director : Sara Nataf
Choreographer : Fatima Robinson
Director of Photography : Kris Belchevski
Post Producer : Julie Rambaud
Editor : Tianes Montasser
Colorists : Mathieu Caplanne, Alice Syrakvash
Flame artist : Tonia Wallander
Los Angeles Crew
Executive producer : Sarah Park @ Pulse Films
Head of Production : Marina Viscun
Production Supervisor : Regina Fernandez
Assistant Production Supervisor : Alek Parker
1st Assistant Director : Jonas Morales
2nd Assistant Director : Salem Beasley
Lazer Gyals : Jaylene Mendoza, Sara Bivens, Andrenita Smith, Helen Gedlu
Dancers : Angelo Saunders, Peter Styles Francis, Tiara « Tia » Rivera, Dana Vaughns, Marquita « Quita » Washington, Jason Facey
Lead Girl : Vanessa
Party Goers : Piper, Phlo, Kayla B, Jaira, Ama, Kelly, Shadeh, Lillie, Selena, Sylvia, Jess, Karen, Eddie, Niko, John, Fox, Box, Jordan, Dylan
Diver : Niki
Steadicam Operator : Liam Clark
1st Assistant Camera : Zachariah Jones
2nd Assistant Camera : Michelle Kwong
D.I.T : Isidro « Cid » Pineda
Gaffer : Brian Hickman
Best Boy Electric : Danny Carillo
Electric : Greg Ladwig
Key Grip : Jimmy Viera
Production Designer : Christian Corio
Set Dressers : Caleb Dawson, Josh Anzano, Michael Lopez
Production Assistant : Matt Capen
Stylist : Lisa Katnic
Wardrobe Assistant : Adrian Gilliland
Hair : Marisa Ramirez
Hair Assistant : Morgan Laroyce
Make-up : Tsipporah Liebman
Make-up Assistant : Lindsey Rivera
VTR : Ignacio Martinez
Assistant Choreographers : Amanda Lopez, Adrian Wiltshire
Pass Van Drivers : Hershey Petty, Sean Blackwell
Production Assistant (Truck) : Dashawn Boyce
Production Assistants : Rob Rogers, Forrest Martin, Tom Dagnino, Justin Pool, Jake Kershinbaum
Miami Crew
Executive producers : Gaëtan Rousseau, Marieta Blaskova @ Paradoxal
Production Supervisor : Verena Faden
Dancers : Karina Cedeno, Vanecia, Jennifer, Jackie, Corinne
1st Assistant Director : Young Chang
Steadicam Operator : Mike McGowan
1st Assistant Camera : Brett Frey
Gaffer : Carlos Gomez
Key Grip : Alvaro Huerta
BB Grip : Miguel Gomez
Art Director : Tom Criswell
Prop Master : Per Tom
Wardrobe Stylist : Nikki Takesh
Hair & Make-Up Dancers : Gena Sullivan
Location Manager : Jeff Rollason
Camera Truck Driver/Key Production Assistant : Rolando Viñas
Set Production Assistant : Karen Alexis


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