MAJOR. - Why I Love You


From the project, "I Am MAJOR.". Out Now!
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Directed by: Ali Zamani @AZfilmz
Video Producer: Zeus Zamani | @nowthatsMAJOR
Official music video by MAJOR. performing Why I Love You. 2016 BOE Music Group
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  • Jane Norema
    Jane Norema16 godzin temu

    Who here ? 2020

    UNSOCIAL Y18 godzin temu

    When I'm getting im definitely playing playing this on my wedding day

  • r moore2244
    r moore224421 godzinę temu

    Missing you forever in my ❤ 40 tears of us!

  • Shadae Sanders Richardson
    Shadae Sanders RichardsonDzień temu


  • Katonga  Radford
    Katonga RadfordDzień temu


  • Ruth Bolton
    Ruth BoltonDzień temu

    Such a beautiful song, words are so powerful.

  • Afro Girl
    Afro GirlDzień temu

    2:00 this is not for u

  • Krystian Lolo
    Krystian LoloDzień temu


  • Desirae Williams
    Desirae WilliamsDzień temu

    2020 💜

  • voety
    voety2 dni temu

    *Im Here For Kobe RIP MAMBA

  • Exc Cxmbo
    Exc Cxmbo2 dni temu

    This Song is so sad Bc it goes with Kobe and Gigi

  • jacky montet
    jacky montet2 dni temu

    😭😭😭this song is just incredible

  • Eli Thigpin
    Eli Thigpin3 dni temu


  • ziyanda Mabuza
    ziyanda Mabuza3 dni temu

    Who's Herr 2020😩😩😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️🤭🤭🤭

  • Vikki x Vlogs
    Vikki x Vlogs3 dni temu

    tell me i’m not the only one who thought this was by john legend.

  • Shea r
    Shea r3 dni temu

    Love this song

  • Britnee Prescod
    Britnee Prescod4 dni temu

    Anyone listening Feb 2020?

  • Antoinette Adams
    Antoinette Adams4 dni temu

    I played this song to put my grandson to put him to sleep

  • miizjojo
    miizjojo4 dni temu

    Why did i just find this song !!!!????

  • Carla McElroy
    Carla McElroy4 dni temu

    This are a beautiful song this going to be my wedding song

  • Kafia Ward
    Kafia Ward4 dni temu

    I love this son

  • Edna Victor
    Edna Victor4 dni temu

    That is one of most beautiful songs ever, so deep ❤🙏

  • Laura Lopez
    Laura Lopez4 dni temu

    Because the heart knows ❤️🙏❤️

  • Heba Aween
    Heba Aween4 dni temu


  • Guero Guadarrama
    Guero Guadarrama4 dni temu


  • Nonhlanhla Tlhogi
    Nonhlanhla Tlhogi5 dni temu

    Valentine' is next month .. as I prepare my playlist for the day♥️

  • Vision Blurry
    Vision Blurry5 dni temu

    Sound like John legend mixed with maxwell

  • Kalisha Trott
    Kalisha Trott5 dni temu

    Love you too baby boy love you too KT the best way you can see that your DVR to the best way you too tomorrow's meeting too baby boy loves it is the you reading the you tomorrow morning message don't want to do the needful girl in red are putting it in touch soonr

  • Kimberly Beasley
    Kimberly Beasley5 dni temu

    I love this song❤️❤️

  • Floki
    Floki5 dni temu

    e difícil acreditar no amor hj em dia , mas essa musica e linda

  • Yvette Morris
    Yvette Morris5 dni temu

    Marissa I admire your strength and tenacity,, I believe you will follow your dreams and give those beautiful babies the life they deserve, because you're a great mom, keep yourself and your kids first and God will bless you beyond measure babygirl....babies are not a mistake, my mom had me at 14 and I'm a college graduate and Veteran....

  • imani-amie
    imani-amie5 dni temu

    I'm trying to find a song to sing for my aunts 25th wedding anniversary and I think I might do this one. Like if you agree or comment if you have a different song you think would be better. Please and Thank you!

  • Dave Henderson
    Dave Henderson5 dni temu

    Every day listening 👍

  • Clemencia Hikwa
    Clemencia Hikwa5 dni temu

    I cried still cry like a baby when I hear this song y'all😭😭😭

  • DJ Taz
    DJ Taz5 dni temu

    His style's similar to John Legend. Just saying..

  • JaVarion Adams
    JaVarion Adams6 dni temu


  • Dita Ent.
    Dita Ent.6 dni temu

    Can’t believe this song is almost 4 years old ❤️

  • Kenyatta Moncrief
    Kenyatta Moncrief6 dni temu

    Who in there right mind disliked this song?

  • nar aziz
    nar aziz6 dni temu

    متى سأجد حبي الأول ؟

  • Sonia Jackson
    Sonia Jackson6 dni temu

    I so love this song ❤

  • Stevon Hutchinson
    Stevon Hutchinson6 dni temu

    This my wedding song when I find a wife

  • Pharisien Nayca
    Pharisien Nayca6 dni temu

    Who s else here in 2020 I m on luv with this song💯💯

  • Lovetta Wuogba
    Lovetta Wuogba6 dni temu

    It's 2020?♥️

  • Cycy Makoa
    Cycy Makoa7 dni temu


  • G Probanga
    G Probanga7 dni temu

    I love you! I love you! I do!!

  • Marina Blanchard
    Marina Blanchard7 dni temu


  • Marina Blanchard
    Marina Blanchard7 dni temu


  • Mildred Jenkins
    Mildred Jenkins7 dni temu

    Marissa, you're an inspiration to me!! Our heavenly Father will give his strength to achieve your goals. Your babies are angelic blessings!! You're never alone, we're your cheerleaders!!! Love ya!!!

  • Melissa Been
    Melissa Been7 dni temu

    Liefde tussen vader en dochter dit liedje stuurde mijn lieve vader🌹 dit liedje denk ik aan jou je blijft altijd in mij Hart lieve papa ik hou van je! En mis je heel erg nu je hier niet meer bent😢😢🦋 rust zacht lieve papa🌹🌹🦋🦋✨✨✨

  • Michael Nnamdi
    Michael Nnamdi7 dni temu

    My baby just sent me the link to watch it, i love you baby. 💓

  • milliondream billiontrue
    milliondream billiontrue7 dni temu

    i love you i love you

  • Nicole Crouch
    Nicole Crouch8 dni temu

    I want to have the man that I know has my heart and together we can make wonderful happiness. I want him to hold me and let our bodies fall and melt into Each Other like we are one heart beat.

  • NayNay
    NayNay8 dni temu

    This song 😩😩😩❤️

  • Mykeya Ogletree
    Mykeya Ogletree8 dni temu


  • Dsmooth D
    Dsmooth D8 dni temu

    2020 gonna dance to this at my wedding

    MR. MOTIVATION8 dni temu

    My step mom used this song at her wedding yesterday

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez8 dni temu

    There’s always that one good girl who gets hurt.. And all she wants is someone to love her and show her love all the time 💯 good vibes to all the women out there

  • Gertrude Matenda
    Gertrude Matenda9 dni temu

    Suis folle de cette chanson ,ca m rassure et je m sens aimée ,bravo à vous

    QUEEN REAL9 dni temu

    How you charge meh to sing i love u the first time to my man!!😊💖🔥💞💘💯 i really wanna know?or how much will u charge meh for appearing on Valentine!!!

  • Yalonda Bender
    Yalonda Bender9 dni temu

    First month of 2020 this song never gets old. It makes you think of that certain person. If you feel the same push the button.👇