Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools


Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurzeMiesiąc temu

    This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build Hope your all healthy and well

  • Parker Sterling

    Parker Sterling

    4 dni temu

    hi my name is parker my dad is always out of town and we dont get to build stuf like trhis any more so i was wondering if you coud send me the parts so that i can make one or you can bye me one please and thankyou and there is a very low chance that you will see this but if you happen to come acrost it please consider this

  • Jason Ashby

    Jason Ashby

    4 dni temu

    @Dr. Harold Shipman o

  • Anne Montefalco

    Anne Montefalco

    5 dni temu

    hi ser i love it

  • D vinny Q

    D vinny Q

    5 dni temu

    What are your thoughts on a 2stroke green machine trike? I mean attach a 2 stroke to the rear of this 24VDC electric trike. Do you think its do-able, given the little space the axle sprocket and frame have.

  • Tony Parks

    Tony Parks

    6 dni temu

  • Owen Barnacle
    Owen BarnacleGodzinę temu

    Colin I love the vids, and the idea of no welding and only basic tools is cool, but what about a go kart project for people around 15/16 who dont have proper bearings and specialized engines. A kart made from a lawn mower and scrap.

  • Luka Lemke
    Luka LemkeGodzinę temu

    I actually started building one because of this video. Thank you Colin Furze

  • Anjel holmes
    Anjel holmes4 godzin temu

    Thats tiggghht

  • Angello Hernandez Molina
    Angello Hernandez Molina11 godzin temu

    Nice the project

  • Angello Hernandez Molina
    Angello Hernandez Molina11 godzin temu

    He is crazy

  • andrei pipas
    andrei pipas14 godzin temu

    Eu sou o unico brasileiro

  • Kamren Butler
    Kamren ButlerDzień temu

    And just getting the same episode and putting them down n different oder

  • Kamren Butler
    Kamren ButlerDzień temu

    Do u run the bean Chanel and milking it for money

  • Raven Crizard
    Raven CrizardDzień temu

    Make a chopper bike with basic tools! :)

  • Danyil Markevych
    Danyil MarkevychDzień temu

    Heck yea two in one heated seat😂

  • Living Alpujarras
    Living AlpujarrasDzień temu

    I only knew this guy from flogging the BMW on car throttle very funny.

  • nagaraju chigiri
    nagaraju chigiriDzień temu

    Your projects are amazing And i have a question that who are spending money for that particular project and how many are u all team

  • charlesjerome quines
    charlesjerome quines2 dni temu

    wow i really like to have like that #Cool #idol

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez2 dni temu

    You're NUTS mate! But Genius

  • Matthew Cameron
    Matthew Cameron2 dni temu

    Hey Colin I’m from Australia And my son is obsessed about making one of your drift trike ideas My only question is how long has the axle have to be and can you order it on ebay

  • Jotaká80
    Jotaká803 dni temu

    At minute <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> the hand that appears is of lie jajaja XD

  • Trent Jensen
    Trent Jensen3 dni temu

    15 seconds in, "they both go about 60 MPH..." 😲 WHAT!?

  • stephen Binkley
    stephen Binkley3 dni temu

    Please make a diesel version

  • Fabian Castro
    Fabian Castro3 dni temu


  • Nara Atthama
    Nara Atthama3 dni temu


    ГЛЕБ ГАЙСИН3 dni temu

    окей, я не понимаю, что ты говоришь, но ты крут

  • christian frändfors
    christian frändfors3 dni temu


  • PugCreate
    PugCreate3 dni temu

    Well that was f*cking scary

  • Holy FPV
    Holy FPV4 dni temu

    colin im really interested in getting into building i build drones and stuff but i wana build a gokart or sumthing this bike really tickles my fancy where do i buy parts like this form if im in california ? any info would help thanks

  • Luis
    Luis4 dni temu

    @colinfurze what kind of motor is that

  • Joshua Corpuz
    Joshua Corpuz4 dni temu

    You should do a bmx cub. Its pretty cool 👌

  • KLS Nathan Gallivan
    KLS Nathan Gallivan4 dni temu

    yo, collin I have a drift trike what wheels do I need for it? as it's been broken for over a year.

  • Junel Ragudo
    Junel Ragudo5 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> song?

  • Junel Ragudo
    Junel Ragudo5 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> song?

  • Jorge Becerra
    Jorge Becerra5 dni temu


  • Al Andlys
    Al Andlys5 dni temu

    Hi, nice job

  • Phantom vlogs
    Phantom vlogs5 dni temu


  • rhey marin
    rhey marin6 dni temu

    How about making a submarine......

  • free ride
    free ride6 dni temu

    oh its so strait thats what she said s

  • Tim Midt
    Tim Midt6 dni temu

    Hi Colin, a very funny video from your drift trike project 👍 ! You mentioned anything about a gokart you also built without welding, but I couldn't find it. This would be very interesting for my 12 year old son. He wants to build his own gokart with engine. Where can I find this video? BR from Germany, Gerald

  • Daiki Odawara
    Daiki Odawara6 dni temu

    What to do call the drift bike where the back of the wheel is small like a scooter wheels and ur able to move them left and right with a lever and and can drift around in them? @colinfurze can you please build a drift bike with a paddle and has 2 tiny wheels on the back and you are able to turn left and right with a lever???

  • Jack stratton
    Jack stratton6 dni temu

    Get a hoverboard or Segway and mod it so that it goes super quick

  • Angela Zedric
    Angela Zedric7 dni temu

    Brilliant 😍😍

  • Mister Ious
    Mister Ious7 dni temu

    . More of these Sir.

  • Hity Design
    Hity Design7 dni temu Looking here amazing motorcycle

  • Jose Lucia Moreno
    Jose Lucia Moreno8 dni temu


  • Dave Birnie
    Dave Birnie8 dni temu

    Love it Colin, but the only thing I would like to see is something cool like this for cheap! (100$)

  • Jeremías Warrior
    Jeremías Warrior8 dni temu

    I feel like Colin is the most sane insane person of the world ×.×

  • Gus Abar
    Gus Abar8 dni temu

    Awesome video man thanks,love it!!

  • Eryk Kilianek
    Eryk Kilianek8 dni temu

    This but electric

  • Antti Koskinen
    Antti Koskinen8 dni temu

    Just love it! I have almost as crazy project going on. Gonna post it for Colin if I ever get it done.

  • diego pullarello
    diego pullarello8 dni temu


  • Joseph Wilton
    Joseph Wilton9 dni temu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="741">12:21</a> Is it just me who thought that was funny 😂

  • Fax Machine
    Fax Machine9 dni temu

    Oi Mr Collin could you show me how to make a mini bike but electric?

  • daniel magbanua
    daniel magbanua9 dni temu


  • Lachlan Jendra
    Lachlan Jendra10 dni temu

    This sweat

  • East_Side_Grow
    East_Side_Grow10 dni temu

    Make a Go kart powered by chainsaw 🤟

  • Pete Brueggestrass
    Pete Brueggestrass10 dni temu

    what size BMX bike did you use?

    BRADYN LEE10 dni temu

    How much dose it cost to build

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams10 dni temu


  • lemme smash tho fr
    lemme smash tho fr11 dni temu

    I wanna make this so bad i just need the parts

  • Kieran Grayson
    Kieran Grayson11 dni temu

    colin - do your take on one of those kiddie ride on cars!

  • Ginger Watches
    Ginger Watches11 dni temu

    With some of the bigger youtubers why is there only like half the amount of views to subscribers 🤨

  • erf
    erf12 dni temu


  • Tom Clague
    Tom Clague12 dni temu

    Colin can u put an eBay link in the next videos desc. of which disk saw u have

  • Thatcher Joe
    Thatcher Joe12 dni temu

    You could put the fuel in the down tube

  • Daniel Hockey
    Daniel Hockey12 dni temu

    Why do I feel like this guy has every tool in the world and thinks we got them too😂😂

  • rcandminilover
    rcandminilover13 dni temu


  • 0475 .-.
    0475 .-.13 dni temu

    Make a minibike

  • Jamez Evans
    Jamez Evans13 dni temu

    A Drag trolley would be ace for getting all the essentials from tesco. Be useful for getting all the bog roll before everyone panic buys again...

  • Timothy Maddox
    Timothy Maddox13 dni temu

    Awesome, I'm planning with sons right now to build ours, thanks for the help. 🤪

  • Dave Dumaresq
    Dave Dumaresq13 dni temu

    Colin, we want you to make a pizza-maker.

  • Karlien Jooste
    Karlien Jooste13 dni temu

    What if you dont have a BMX

  • Zach Moody
    Zach Moody14 dni temu

    You’ve been successful by sparking all of our curiosities with your craftsmanship and creativity and if you adjust your focus to making videos like these where you bring your ideas down to Earth, you’ll reach impossible levels of success. Because more than we want to watch, most of us want to create. Thank you for years of content

  • Turqun Goyyusifov
    Turqun Goyyusifov14 dni temu

    where can i bought this engine?

  • Pub G Boys
    Pub G Boys14 dni temu


  • Erkan Sarikose
    Erkan Sarikose15 dni temu

    slm bunu para karşılığında bana yaparmısın

  • DJ Gilley
    DJ Gilley15 dni temu

    Can you make one of them with a lawnmower engine

  • malcolm petersen
    malcolm petersen15 dni temu

    how much did this cost?

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez15 dni temu

    I thought his modern tool was a credit card . Learn something new every decade.

  • user
    user15 dni temu

    how to make a drift trike with nothing but basic tools and couple hundred dollars worth of components and a complete engine fixed the title for you

  • Aryana Fernandes
    Aryana Fernandes16 dni temu


  • William Parker
    William Parker16 dni temu

    Your a genius

  • AllThingsMotorSoprts INC.
    AllThingsMotorSoprts INC.16 dni temu

    I want a link to the motor used in this video please