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  • rimsparkle 24
    rimsparkle 243 godzin temu

    at first i didn't like wheen's blue eyebrows but she's the prettiest of the prettiests!!

  • ちんちゃん
    ちんちゃんDzień temu


  • 수삐니인뎁숑?
    수삐니인뎁숑?Dzień temu

    여자에 부럽...

  • Nurul Azizah Haerul
    Nurul Azizah Haerul2 dni temu

    Hip hae mamamoo

  • Nurul Azizah Haerul
    Nurul Azizah Haerul2 dni temu


  • 혜쀼
    혜쀼2 dni temu

    2:39 문별언니조심해용..♥

  • Super Lit
    Super Lit2 dni temu

    1:34 귀염.

    LEGGO MOOO2 dni temu

    Plz help HIP get to 40M in mamamoo vid

  • Nks Diego2416
    Nks Diego24163 dni temu

    Soy el único que la presidente de este video es la menos atractiva 😫

  • Melon.K참외
    Melon.K참외3 dni temu


  • California Barking Moose
    California Barking Moose3 dni temu

    #MAMAMOO2000DAYS 3,734,656 191209

  • Arrøw
    Arrøw4 dni temu

    Lmao I think this is my 10th time watching this music video. The visuals and the music thoooooo

  • agis siga
    agis siga4 dni temu

    First kpop girl group I'm ever loving.. yay!!!

  • 이도원
    이도원4 dni temu

    0:05 무섭..

  • 이강산
    이강산4 dni temu

    very good music

  • わか
    わか4 dni temu


  • 밴디밈
    밴디밈4 dni temu

    문별언냐 예쁘고 아..진심 이렇게 다 재능있ㅡㄴ 아ㄴ이돌은 몇 안되는데.. 넘 좋아여ㅠㅠㅠ 어떻게 곡마다 히트여ㅠㅠ

  • marlene !
    marlene !5 dni temu

    honestly, mamamoo mvs are so fun to watch like-

  • Jay Dan Calangi
    Jay Dan Calangi5 dni temu

    Wow! IU and Sunny are in a group! :D

  • 우병민
    우병민5 dni temu

    솔라가 짱이다 진짜 예쁘다

  • たろすけ
    たろすけ5 dni temu

    韓国旅行行った時スッピンのこの人たち見た。 その時は誰かすら知らんかったけどいい曲いっぱいあるんですね☺️

  • 이광혁
    이광혁5 dni temu

    메인노래 나올때 뭔가 요괴워치 노래같다

    FLORENCE5 dni temu


    FLORENCE5 dni temu


  • 군인개구리
    군인개구리6 dni temu

    3:07 솔라

  • Linda Pujiati
    Linda Pujiati6 dni temu

    Moonbyul I LOVE U so much❤❤❤

  • Анар Абилова
    Анар Абилова6 dni temu

    Захватили меня с первых минут😍😍😍😍😍Вы прекрасны

  • Sabrina Nawar
    Sabrina Nawar6 dni temu

    I'm so addicted with them help

  • Lim바람개비은하
    Lim바람개비은하6 dni temu

    마마무 언니들 너무 좋아요. 오지게 언니들 힙해요. 응원해요.

  • Hope Of BTS
    Hope Of BTS6 dni temu

    Hwasa for president!

  • magivgun 2
    magivgun 26 dni temu

    왜 도발 적이고 거친 성향의 그룹만 나오는거지?

  • Sophie Wang
    Sophie Wang6 dni temu

    President Hwasa, where are you? I would like to move to ur country if u dont mind plz :3

  • 박승찬
    박승찬6 dni temu

    아줌마 40 50호박나이트 온거같다

  • 진형


    6 dni temu

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우리 맘무언니들이 세상 귀엽죠

  • Tien Thuy Thai
    Tien Thuy Thai7 dni temu


  • بنت أبوها
    بنت أبوها7 dni temu

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤😮😮😮😮 OOOAAAW OMG I LOVET 👍👍❤❤❤

  • Yenny Aprilia
    Yenny Aprilia7 dni temu

    Mamamoo the best XD

  • EltroxxGaming
    EltroxxGaming7 dni temu

    Wheein is when Twice Chae gets the vocals

  • 별별이
    별별이7 dni temu

    3백만 왘

  • President Moomoo
    President Moomoo8 dni temu

    EVERYBODY ATTENTION PLEASE if you are listening go and listen to the song on mamamoo's official youtube page they have over 25 million views there and its keeps climbing so please go listen to them there thanks❤

  • 볼 볼
    볼 볼8 dni temu

    노래진짜신난다 ㅜㅠㅠㅠ넘좋다