Two Feet - BBY (Audio)


Official audio by Two Feet performing “BBY"
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"BBY" Lyrics:
Tell me what you want what you need from me baby
Damn amazing, damn amazing
Damn amazing, damn amazing
I think I gotta let go
Gotta let go
I think I gotta let go
Gotta let go
1,2,3, what
#TwoFeet #BBY
Music video by Two Feet performing BBY (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • rosa anna
    rosa anna2 dni temu

    Imagine John Wick or Maze from Lucifer would fight in a club to this song

  • Maria Luz Marchetti
    Maria Luz Marchetti5 dni temu


  • Play Time
    Play Time5 dni temu

    Two feet...Befo thee battle of yavin.

  • Phee
    Phee5 dni temu

    I found this through an ad and I could not be more pleased with a song I accidentally found

  • Major Mayor
    Major Mayor6 dni temu

    Is this new cuz i have all of his songs but never heard this one

  • & B/L/D
    & B/L/D8 dni temu

    I'm getting GTA Vice city vibes

  • Jack Be
    Jack Be8 dni temu

    if you're into this, you might like my song, "beauty hurts" 💖🎶 check it out here:

  • Afonso Silva
    Afonso Silva9 dni temu

    I came

    ANTiGODDESS12 dni temu

    The way he said baby got me over the edge ngl

  • Jsjxjx Jxjxj
    Jsjxjx Jxjxj12 dni temu

    I hope clubs put this song, so I can dance it wildly

  • Stuffs with Zack
    Stuffs with Zack12 dni temu

    Whenever i listen to TwoFeet i imagine Neon Vegas and drugs for some reason

  • So '
    So '13 dni temu

    This is so good !! Keep going 😊

  • Anastasia 29
    Anastasia 2914 dni temu

    You're the best😍love u so much❤❤❤

  • Javiera Muggane
    Javiera Muggane14 dni temu please listen to my cover of two Feet

  • Monsieur P.
    Monsieur P.16 dni temu

    Thank God for electronic music making equipment... The best music of our times isn’t played with instruments like in the past which is cool.

  • Maria hashi de taubaté
    Maria hashi de taubaté17 dni temu

    Reizinho que não decepciona nunca

  • Júnior Seid
    Júnior Seid19 dni temu


  • Renan Castelo Branco
    Renan Castelo Branco20 dni temu

    Do you know any similar music?

  • Nicolas. C
    Nicolas. C20 dni temu


  • Kirsten Rietveld
    Kirsten Rietveld20 dni temu

    Omg he used this song as an opener on Lowlands!! I was already confused because I didn't know the song.

  • Jilda z
    Jilda z21 dzień temu

    need a TwoFeet+TheWeeknd song....

  • Karine Sanzalone
    Karine Sanzalone21 dzień temu

    Amazing as usual. I feel sexy wherever I listen to this. COME IN FRANCE BABE PLEASE, I WANNA FEEL THIS FOR REAL ♥️

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe21 dzień temu

    fucking erotic

  • always&forever
    always&forever21 dzień temu

    I’m so confused on what I just listened to but I don’t regret it

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe21 dzień temu

    longer version.. love this @1:52 min

  • Smooth Zebra
    Smooth Zebra22 dni temu

    I don't want this song to end!

  • Luz López
    Luz López22 dni temu

    No pierdas su sensualidad al añadir tanta mezcla de electrónica

  • Romina terrazas
    Romina terrazas23 dni temu

    Este y todos los tema de Two Feet son simplemente unicos y maravillosos 🖤❤

  • Brooke Bailey
    Brooke Bailey23 dni temu


  • Dale Bagwell
    Dale Bagwell23 dni temu

    Fuck yeah that guitar intro!!!!!

  • Michael Garske
    Michael Garske23 dni temu

    Great PLlist ad. Just let the music speak for itself.

  • GreenLemon52
    GreenLemon5223 dni temu

    This song makes me want to do so many things

  • Angela Miller

    Angela Miller

    21 dzień temu

    Kinky things.

  • Guadalupe Perez
    Guadalupe Perez24 dni temu

    Totalmente adictiva y especial para escucharla al máximo de volumen

  • Qbsoon
    Qbsoon24 dni temu

    Before Battle of Yavin?

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam24 dni temu

    For people like us

  • Astro Eviterno
    Astro Eviterno24 dni temu

    Esto si es música 💙

  • AfterLife :3
    AfterLife :324 dni temu

    Can someone give me chords for this song?

    ANGFXQUEEN25 dni temu


  • Moon y
    Moon y25 dni temu

    I love It 😍❤️❤️😍😍

  • Moon y
    Moon y25 dni temu