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Directors: Joshua Shultz and Lindsey Stirling
Producers: Jaclyn Prophet, Lindsey Stirling, Joshua Shultz
DP: Tristan Savage-Tate
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
Color: Ryan McNeal
Talent: Jason Dohring, Ruby Modine, Edwin Hodge, Quaid Cde Baca, Jett Foreman, and Jan Jeffcoat
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  • Rick Mahnn
    Rick Mahnn7 godzin temu

    I remember coming across one of her videos back in the day. I actually complimented her on one of her first videos. Despite many of the other videos that got my seal of DISAPPROVAL. For her video I said something along the lines of "this Person will bring popularity back to string instruments." I recall even that one guy said that she was lucky to get a positive comment from me, considering my track record. Back in the day people could follow where everyone commented on. So everyone knew what everyone was saying. I gave the compliment because my aunt studied at a prestigious school for music where she took Violin, Cello, Viola Contrabasse, and Viole de gambe. I showed my aunt the video and she said "that girl does have potential". we both agreed. In my other comments on videos, they were so bad... enough that youtube had made me change my profile name several times because of how abrasive I am and banned me from comment sections for weeks at a time. I even remember Break's channel of videos here. The one I cannot remember is the name of that one guy that did office parody videos of a guy that would always take advantage of his co-workers by passing the work and blame off on others. As well as good old happy tree friends posts, and Charlie the Unicorn. lolz. good old days of youtube...

  • cybervidDD1023
    cybervidDD102311 godzin temu

    Lindsey, the people who wrote the hurtful messages are just haters. You are beautiful, talented and loved. Keep your eyes on the One who REALLY matters :)

  • Сергей Сергей
    Сергей Сергей14 godzin temu


  • Jo Acu
    Jo Acu21 godzinę temu

    Why can’t people just appreciate the music that they create and not be a complete jerk about it. Just because you don’t like them or their music doesn’t mean that you have the right to comment bad things about them. Here’s a little FYI for all of you: your comments affect them in ways you can’t imagine. Props for Lindsey and SWITCH-FOOT for doing this collaboration. *if that make sense*

  • LaserArt
    LaserArtDzień temu

    📂Documents └📁 Laser Shows └📁 Lindsey Stirling 🎻 └📁 Mirage,Artemis,Darkside,Sleepwalking Check out the laser shows I made to her songs !!!

  • A J
    A JDzień temu

    I like both artists and I follow them quite a bit. But my making this video you're actually showing others you're bothered by it and that those lesser minded people's opinions matter to you. There was no need. And if I can be more frank, your individual tracks have more expression than this one. This felt like a random 2 hour concocted response that was honestly, unnecessary

  • James Sumpter
    James SumpterDzień temu

    Don't know the band but Lindsey is amazing she could just dance and I'd be amazed she's a light in the darkness

  • Caleb's Cards TTM Autographs & More
    Caleb's Cards TTM Autographs & More2 dni temu

    Lindsey, I first found you threw Peter Hollens, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to your music.

  • Иван Викторович
    Иван Викторович2 dni temu

    Не отступать и не сдаваться. Всё в жизни будет получаться)

  • Stacy Elliott
    Stacy Elliott2 dni temu

    I am amazed at the hurtful messages directed at Lindsey and Switchfoot. I don't want to do the same and say bad things about those people, but I can only guess that they are jealous and unhappy! I discovered Lindsey's music about a year ago and have bought every album. I am glad they know you can't please everyone all the time and let the bad comments go. Why those people are looking and listening at all if they don't like it is a bit strange. Move on.

  • Jackalope
    Jackalope2 dni temu

    I adore Lindsey and switchfoot. How anyone can be hateful and cruel is beyond me.

  • einfach nur Leo
    einfach nur Leo2 dni temu

    Anyone else getting harassed by shen yun ads whenever he watches Lindsey Stirling's videos?

  • ulostme athalo
    ulostme athalo2 dni temu

    I love lindsey! my sister reached out to Lindsey before she was well known and had about 150 viewers about what a huge gan she was and her music was such an inspiration and helped her mental health and never heard back, but my sister still listens and stays strong!

  • Anna Escalante
    Anna Escalante3 dni temu

    i will ligit find all the videos of lindsey and switchfoot , scroll down to the comment sections, find those comments and dislike them and give good talking to. and do nothing else........ish

  • Ami Biel
    Ami Biel3 dni temu

    Lindsey, I wonder if You'll have a song with Imagine Dragons or American Authors. It would be so so good 💕

  • David Niall Wilson
    David Niall Wilson3 dni temu

    I wish I could say to myself, no one would say things like that - but I know I'd be lying to myself. Glad you are rising above the haters... have loved all your music.

  • aymen hack
    aymen hack3 dni temu

    #Lindsey Stirling Thé best😍😍

    DARIUS BRUYERE3 dni temu

    don't listen to haters they are just plain dumb

  • Brian Kulakowski
    Brian Kulakowski3 dni temu

    AWESOME !!

  • Amanda Holbrook
    Amanda Holbrook3 dni temu

    It kills me to hear someone called her music cold and heartless. I listen to her because my heart is warm and full when I hear her violin and she gives me hope

  • Vedican
    Vedican4 dni temu

    Occasionally when I listen to your music I have to look around to figure out where the ninjas are cutting their onions. Love your music and the directions you've been taking with it! Keep it up!

  • andando keane
    andando keane4 dni temu


  • Jim Gerretson
    Jim Gerretson5 dni temu

    I'm saddened by all the hateful comments, but I guess I am not completely surprised. It's really more of commentary on what miserably shallow and meaningless lives they have than it's anything about you. Keep up the awesome things that you do and remember that for 99% of the world your music inspires and comforts

  • David Josue
    David Josue5 dni temu

    I have always love your music and your lyrics, you guys are the best, I listen you since years from Colombia🇨🇴

  • Kayla Bashford
    Kayla Bashford5 dni temu

    You are reading a comment from an 18 year old bi high school student. Adopted at the age of 8, and never will there be anyone like my parents. No matter what Lindsey you are the most wonderful person that I'll ever listen to. SWITCHFOOT is amazing. The best video I'll ever listen to.

  • Kayla Bashford
    Kayla Bashford5 dni temu

    Lindsey is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. GOD BLESS YOU!! MAY YOUR MUSIC LIVE ON IN THE HEARTS OF VIOLINISTS AND DANCERS ALIKE!! KEEP GOING!!

  • Xepanator
    Xepanator5 dni temu

    I like it how both Switchfoot and Lindsey have the rights to post the names of people who tried to hurt them. But they chose not to and that really shows just how nice and Awesome you guys are.

  • Hope
    Hope5 dni temu

    She is one of the most amazing, talented people I have ever encountered. Her music is deep, touching, and shows so much love. If you are reading this, I am so proud of you and how God has shined through you. Your music helped me get through some of the darkest times in my life and lit up some of the brightest ones.

  • SmileyCat24
    SmileyCat245 dni temu

    I think people need to confront their own emptiness instead of lashing out at others.

  • Jenelle Jenkins
    Jenelle Jenkins5 dni temu

    This made me cry... I was bullied recently so it really hit me hard...

  • Will Freeze
    Will Freeze6 dni temu

    All that we are, is defined by one word, "human". Nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes. It's what we do with our lives and how we treat others that will be remembered. Never let bad comments bring you down, keep pushing, keep fighting. Never give up.

  • Earl  Abrahams
    Earl Abrahams7 dni temu

    You kept me from listining to the wrong stuff and almost doing it to thank you for not listening to your "voices"

  • erick paz
    erick paz7 dni temu

    It angers me so much to see how heartless people can be. You are amazing Lindsey! Great song and video!

  • Pfeiffer Patrick
    Pfeiffer Patrick7 dni temu

    hammer hammer

  • The Unique Wolfcincer
    The Unique Wolfcincer7 dni temu

    We love it cause we’re actually not monster like u so pls do us a favor and stop being jealous cause it’s a wasted emotion

  • Jenna Gee
    Jenna Gee7 dni temu

    Lindsey, never stopping being your awesome self and sharing your unique light with the world! :)

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams7 dni temu

    Sometimes you just have to differ, mutate and stray from the norm. In short be your own and don't waste time on people who.dont love you.

  • Brian McNamara
    Brian McNamara7 dni temu

    Over the years I have learned the most important thing about life and I teach it to my children. Be who you are and never be afraid to show it. If someone has a problem with it then that is there problem not yours because "being Normal" is a false phrase. There is no such thing as normal. Also Lindsey you where one of the inspirations for my son to join his school's symphonic band years ago. And because of that musician's continue to be made because of artists like yourself. So Thank you

  • Dolphinstwins79
    Dolphinstwins797 dni temu

    This is fantastic.. Lindsey.. I'm so grateful for your music.. Your love of bringing the instrument to life is what encouraged me to learn to play. As an adult some people thought me mad to start with a violin. But I enjoy playing.. Thank you so much x

  • valyou
    valyou7 dni temu

    Wow those creeps who wrote the comments are really mean huh. Try harder twats, that's all your pathetic lives are all about.

  • Amber Feig
    Amber Feig7 dni temu

    Lindsey is my go-to for study or painting music. It's so upbeat, and it's amazing. I love it :)

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle7 dni temu

    Best advice I got from.my.mama dont listen to the negative voices. Warren Buffett said once " if words can get a reaction from you, everyone can control you, if you can separate emotion from words and see things logically and from that stand point, you can seemingly be untouchable." Folks will throw shade and like neon trees said "everybody talks" but they didn't happen to mention those without bodies speak too... dont give them place to speak. #beExcellentToEachother and #beExcellentToyourself

  • Aneres Moonieon
    Aneres Moonieon8 dni temu

    I can't believe people say such things. Sure is easy saying it with just words on a screen. All the haters, guess who makes way more money than you doing what they love? These guys right here. Love you Lindsey!

  • Christian Henigsmith
    Christian Henigsmith8 dni temu

    Switchfoot always helped me through struggles their music is awesome

  • Louis Brugnoni
    Louis Brugnoni8 dni temu

    Forgive the critics Lord! They’re lives are so damaged that the only pleasure they receive now is to hurt someone else!

  • Robbert van Steen
    Robbert van Steen8 dni temu

    YES, you ARE ENOUGH! And YES, you ARE LOVED! This is awesome and inspiring, how you took all this evil as fuel and turned it into something good! You are awesome Lindsey, and so is Switchfoot (even though their music isn't really my taste, this song I like though). You all make the world so much more colorful and alive and less boring, and that goes for anyone reading this comment too! Thank You, God, that You have made us all unique and beautiful! May be all this world needs, is just a little more compassion and a little more kindness... Bless you!

  • Marianne Aarseth
    Marianne Aarseth8 dni temu


    CINTRON8 dni temu

    Been a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling ever since Crystallize, now 7 years, and Switch Foot ever since Dare You to Move now 15 going on 16 years. You all hold a special place in my heart and I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas!!

  • tahlgren90
    tahlgren908 dni temu

    Swichtfoot, you are amazing but without Lindsey Stirling. Wow, Love you all

  • mauro conti
    mauro conti8 dni temu

    *Video director:* -Well, how many lens flares do you want guys?? *Switchfoot:* -YES

  • RougeRemedies Intuitive Tarot
    RougeRemedies Intuitive Tarot9 dni temu

    None of these comments are from me. :p

  • Deerejohn Bean
    Deerejohn Bean9 dni temu

    anyone that dont think this is great music has no taste

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer9 dni temu

    Shatter me is literally one of my favorite songs

  • Sonora0Redwing
    Sonora0Redwing9 dni temu

    I have only listened to a few songs from Switchfoot and it’s interesting. I do love this song and happy to see a team up.

  • Kayla Zango
    Kayla Zango9 dni temu

    You just have to ignore. You are amazing 😉 And O really love this song!

  • Candersson Swedican
    Candersson Swedican9 dni temu

    Interesting, working with a mormon.

  • Zoe Rea
    Zoe Rea9 dni temu

    You all are fearfully and wonderfully made and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! ~Psalm 139:14

  • Maurice Phillip
    Maurice Phillip10 dni temu

    The best revenge is living well... While your enemies continue to wail and gnash their teeth in envy and jealousy. :-)

  • Dwight Wiltz
    Dwight Wiltz10 dni temu


  • Tom Lopez
    Tom Lopez10 dni temu

    Love Lindsey Stirling!